Broke Her by Steel Harbour Productions (Preview)

Broke Her is a new and original 3 person script created by Steel Harbour Productions that is being Produced by Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company. We are excited to bring this intense and mysterious thriller to the stage in 2022. The premise of the play is Isobelle wakes up in her own house tied to one of her dining room chairs with a well suited gentleman at her table drinking tea, he seems to know everything about her life and is unsure how or why. The play is set over 40 mins of what is essentially a hostage situation where the kidnapper is playing cat and mouse mind games until the play reaches its climax in the ending as the audience are blindsided with a huge plot twist. Things are never as they seem.


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A Mighty Fall from Grace (Preview)

A Mighty Fall From Grace follows the life of a Bradford Bulls fan, whom over several years watches his club deteriorate on and off the field and who’s mental health deteriorates throughout as a result. This hard-hitting piece tackles subjects of depression and schizophrenia in a relatable, working class way, with light-hearted, comedic moments throughout.


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Doll by Common People Theatre (Preview)

Cassie, a young twenty something from the Northwest of England, has moved to the “arse end of London”, looking for better opportunities and new beginnings. She finds herself however, riding out the hours with her ‘meals on wheels’ eating landlady or avoiding the gaze of the creepy Chris’s at her local green-king. That is until she meets Harley. Handsome, adventurous and a charming seller of…sex dolls. Harley brings the excitement back into Cassie’s dulled evenings…but at what cost?

Doll is a comedy drama inspired by real crime, incorporating themes of manipulation, power dynamics and loneliness. How blind can infatuation make you?


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Assigned by Inner Triangle Productions (Preview)

A brand new play which explores concepts such as identity, expectation and self and society’s labels. ‘Our heritage, our culture, our experiences, our likes, our dislikes, our hobbies, our very being. How can you fit everything about a person into one tiny box? There is a whole universe of crazy, complicated and unanswered questions out there, within that void of identity and existence.’ As humans, we constantly try to identify and belong, which means we can be boxed up and defined beyond our true meaning. Compressed, packed, labelled, categorised – what does it all really mean?…And where’s the returns label?


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