Secondary Schools

Bloomin’ Buds has a team of experienced facilitators that are all fully DBS checked that can provide high quality workshops for secondary schools. Workshops include Bloomin’ Buds bringing one of our touring theatre productions to your students with professional actors and facilitators. We then provide a follow up workshop and also have a schools resource pack available. 

We also have extensive experience in delivering workshops based on mental health and well being. These workshops are a fun and relaxing environment for students to explore creative coping mechanisms for managing emotions in a more positive way. 

Workshop one – Rewrite the system 

This fantastic production explores what it is like to be from a disadvantaged background and attending university. It covers themes of class divide and what it means to be working class. It is a very action packed production with exciting abstract visual scenes. We can offer a short adapted performance with an optional workshop based on the themes. Alternatively we can offer a 60 minute workshop which could include short snippets of the performance. This workshop is aimed at secondary school students in key stage four that come from a disadvantaged background which could include families with low incomes, an area with low progression to higher education or an area with high rates of crime and low educational attainment. This workshop aims to increase their aspirations and teach resilience. Although the production is about attending university it is general to aspiration and covers other pathways such as college and employment. We encourage young people to think about their skill set and how they can promote this when applying for any of the mentioned opportunities. The production is verbatim taken from interview material and extracts which are used in the workshop.

Workshop two – Brenda’s got a baby 

The play Brenda’s got a baby is a verbatim play exploring the story of two sisters. Brenda is sixteen and pregnant and Amy is 18 and the first in her family going to university. The play explores the difficulty of being working class and going to university and also being a young mum and trying to balance that with education and employment. This performance shows how the two sisters support and love each other while taking very different paths in life. This play is also created using verbatim interview material . 

This play toured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2018 and received four star reviews. Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company were likened to Andrea Dunbar and The Cardboard Citizens by The Stage. It has also toured nationally across the north and internationally to New York in September 2019. For full touring information see the following link: (insert link) 

The workshop looks at issues of accessing university, sex education, ambition, being young and pregnant, struggling to access opportunity. We can tailor the workshop to focus more on one of the mentioned issues if desired or keep it general. We must emphasise that this is not a play about condemning or preventing teen pregnancy but about trying to encourage young girls to make a more informed decision and have more education about the other options available. This play is suitable for an audience of 14+ at teachers/parents discretion as there is some mild sexual references and mild language. This play is also suitable for a mixed gender audience and has received good feedback from young males as well as females. 

Workshop 3 – Emotional resilience and well being 

In this workshop we look at: 

• emotional resilience 

• building up confidence 

• self esteem 

• managing emotions 

• focusing on positive outcomes 

It is a very creative workshop with elements of drama, performance and art. We are very passionate about promoting creative tools to assist young people in managing their own general mental health and well being. The content of this workshop can be tweaked to be age appropriate and suit any year group. This workshop is not intended as therapy and is used as a general tool for everyday mental health and wellbeing. 

This workshop can have a focus of: 

• stress relief 

• exam stress and pressure 

• healthy relationships 

• Bullying 

We can also change the content to fit other topics, please contact us to discuss this. We can also deliver a general workshop to cover every day mental health and well being in general. 

Download our brochure here. These workshops are also available for youth centres.