Male Mental Health Project

Bloomin’ Buds have been working on an exciting new project exploring male mental health in collaboration with mental health charity Mantality.

We have started the process in working towards creating a play to that highlights all the themes we have been exploring through its progress as well as those that have come up through talking to men.

The project sparked from conversations with the Mum’s in one of our Mum and Baby groups. They shared with us their struggles with their partners mental health problems, trying to know what best to do for them. We wanted to explore this and get people talking about it more.

At the beginning of January we started an ACE-funded two week Research and Development period with an amazing team of creatives. This was extremely successful and produced a 20 minute sharing which we presented to an audience at Kala Sangam arts centre at the end of the two weeks. Watch a recording of the sharing here.

We want to continue this project with more research and exploration of all the themes that we have discovered through the process so far.

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