Current Productions

Working Class Voices in Lockdown

This production has been inspired by our online exhibition which was funded with Arts Council England Emergency Covid funds. Eleven working class artists who have received little to no financial support from the government due to various reasons have worked remotely from home creating content.

This content explores various working class experiences of lockdown. We are looking to secure funds to take this content into R&D and later produce a verbatim theatre production.

We’ve also had the pleasure of Stevie Ward, Captain of Leeds Rhinos Rugby Team performing a monologue exploring male mental health in Lockdown. The monologue written by Jenny Mahon. This is in conjunction with the fantastic organisation Stevie runs, Mantality which supports men with their mental health. Find Mantality at the link below –

We release our exhibition on 1st September and content will be scheduled to go online throughout September and October. Head over to our instagram to see more. @Bloomin_Buds.

Working Class Guinea Pig – Morgan Scriven

Thyme Cafe

Thyme Cafe is being written by Kerry Wright. Kerry is starting a twelve month artist in residency programme with Bloomin’ Buds as of 1st September 2020. Kerry recently secured a grant from Leeds Inspired, a Spare Bob grant and R&D Make Work grant from the Bradford Producing Hub.

“I am so excited to continue working with the Bloomin’ Buds team as an Artist in Residence. As a working-class woman, I am looking forward to being involved in projects that are close to my heart. The experience will be fundamental in allowing me to progress my career as a writer and theatre-maker with Bloomin’ Buds valuable guidance and expertise. I believe it will open the doors to numerous opportunities and I will be able to network with various -industry contacts.”

Kerry Wright

Kailey meets her mum, Shaz, for coffee every week. This is the only time they can catch up. When she leaves, her mum stays.Based on true events, Thyme Cafe is a comedy-drama that explores the struggles of Kailey navigating life alone whilst her Mum is caught in the prison system.

A Mighty Fall from Grace

Jake Thompson, writer of A Mighty Fall From Grace will also start a twelve month artist in residency period with Bloomin’ Buds as of the 1st September 2020.

I cherish every opportunity to work with local theatre companies making working class theatre to ensure our voices are heard and that the very important message surrounding mental health is brought across through our work, for these reasons I am very excited to be an artist in residence with Blooming Buds.

Jake Thompson

A Mighty Fall from Grace tells the story of the decline of the Bradford Bulls, from champions of the world to liquidation, and starting life again in the 3rd tier of English Rugby League. In Jake Thompson’s funny emotive piece, follow a lifelong Bulls fan and his mental wellbeing entwined in his beloved club’s history

We are also working on other artist in residency places with an application process coming soon. Our intentions will be to diversify the artists we work with and support artists from minority communities.