Artists 2021/2022

Inner Triangle Productions

Made up of Bradley Pattison, Corin Ward, and Gina Jovanovic Inner Triangle Productions are a new theatre company working on their first production with Bloomin’ Buds.

‘Assigned’ (working title) is a bold and creative exploration of the concept of gender, explored through the medium of theatre.

Follow the company on their Facebook @innertriangleproductions and Instagram @innertriangleproductions.

I am excited for artists in residence as after the last 18 months we can finally get together and make some amazing impactful art.

Bradley Patterson

I am excited to be a part of the artists in residence program so I can learn invaluable skills while also using those skills to devise a new show.

Corin Ward

I’m so excited to be part of this programme working with Bloomin’ Buds. I am so looking forward to creating new, meaningful work and exploring all areas of creativity with fellow artists.

Gina Jovanovic
Working image for their show, Assigned

Dario Ricordo

“My play is still a work in progress, but ‘Safelight’ will deal with the sensitive topic of male rape and the affects it can have not only on the survivor, but on those around them. I hope it can be used to facilitate those who have gone through something similar, especially men,” says Dario about the play he is working on with Bloomin’ Buds this year.

Being on the artist-in-residency programme will be an opportunity to expand upon a piece of work that is not only important to me, but hopefully to others. And I look forward to learning more about the trade as well as how to go freelance.

Dario Ricordo

Charlotte Ellis

Have you ever felt so isolated and confused about the world? Surrounded by judgement, pressure and horrifically high beauty standards, Jess confesses her innermost thoughts to you all in order to process the state of ‘madness’ she believes she is in. School, broken friendships and trying not to fear men, it’s clear that to be a teenager in the modern age has new complexities, Jess just wants you all to understand. Taken from real life experiences and encounters from the writer; A Young Girl’s Guide to Madness truly displays how draining it is to be a teenager in the 21st century,  a combination of film, live theatre and spoken word.

Keep up with this play on Facebook @ayygtm. If you would like to contact the artist please feel free to email:

I am absolutely over the moon to be an artist in residence with Bloomin’ Buds. This opportunity will give me the chance to tell my story and hopefully trigger change. It’s going to be such an exciting process!

Charlotte Ellis
Edited image from promo shoot for A Young Girl’s Guide to Madness.

Luke Mosley

Broke Her is a new and original 3 person script created by Steel Harbour Productions that is being Produced by Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company. We are excited to bring this intense and mysterious thriller to the stage in 2022. The premise of the play is Isobelle wakes up in her own house tied to one of her dining room chairs with a well suited gentleman at her table drinking tea, he seems to know everything about her life and is unsure how or why. The play is set over 40 mins of what is essentially a hostage situation where the kidnapper is playing cat and mouse mind games until the play reaches its climax in the ending as the audience are blindsided with a huge plot twist. Things are never as they seem.

To keep up to date on this play follow @steelharbour on Instagram.

I’m incredibly humbled to have been asked to create some work alongside Bloomin’ Buds and I can’t wait to  work with the company and make some great theatre!

Luke Mosley
Image taken from Steel Harbour’s Facebook page promoting their upcoming show ‘Broke Her’

Jake Thompson

A Mighty Fall From Grace follows the life of a Bradford Bulls fan, whom over several years watches his club deteriorate on and off the field and who’s mental health deteriorates throughout as a result. This hard-hitting piece tackles subjects of depression and schizophrenia in a relatable, working class way, with light-hearted, comedic moments throughout.

The one hander won best play at a showcase event at the Lowry theatre in Salford in 2019, before being performed at the inaugural Bradford Fringe Festival in the same year. It was at BFF where Jake was first introduced to Bloomin’ Buds and the chance of his piece being produced. Since then Jake has been working closely with Bloomin’ Buds as an artist in residence, with the end goal of touring the piece around working class areas of the north and beyond. Jake and Bloomin’ buds were extremely proud to have brought this piece back to the Bradford Fringe festival earlier in 2021. This show is now touring around the North of England over the next year. To keep up to date with it’s progress, show dates and venues check out @amightyfallfromgrace on Facebook.

I cherish every opportunity to work with local theatre companies making working class theatre, to ensure our voices are heard and that the important message surrounding mental health is brought across through our work. For these reasons I am very excited to be an artist in residence with Blooming Buds.

Jake Thompson
Image taken from a performance of A Mighty Fall from Grace at Kala Sangam.

Common People Theatre

Comprising of Leah Hand, Morgan Scriven and Amelia Lloyd, Common People Theatre Company is an exciting new company based in Leeds. They deal with raw, gritty and exciting narratives and their stories are character-driven. They want to excite, provoke, scare, humour and delight their audiences. Their latest piece of work Pink Minges, explores working class Merseyside in the 80’s and is driven by music, subculture and the female voice. Keep an eye out for what else they are bringing to the stage! Currently they are working on a two-hander for the Edinburgh fringe. A gritty production exploring power dynamics and trust but with their classic comedic tone.

To keep up with their play, follow the company @commonpeople_theatre on Instagram and @commonpeopletheatre on Facebook

I am really excited to be an artist in residency with Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company. I cannot wait to see how everyone’s work develops and to be part of the comeback of live theatre.

Leah Hand

I am excited to be a part of the artist in residence scheme in order to workshop and develop creative ideas into a final piece of theatre. I see this as an opportunity to work with Bloomin’ Buds to create something I am proud to perform and be a part of.

Morgan Scriven
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