Meet the Team

Katie Mahon

Artistic Director and Founder of Bloomin’ Buds

“With the power of theatre we have the power to change life as we know it for working class communities.”

Katie has a BA HONS Theatre and Performance in Industry and an MA in Applied Theatre and Intervention from the University of Leeds. Katie is passionate about the company’s mission to increase access to opportunity and to the arts for working class communities with professional verbatim theatre. This is as a result of her own barriers accessing higher education, being the first in her family to go to university and tackling the stigma of being working class in the arts.

Jenny Mahon

Company Manager of Bloomin’ Buds

“I can’t wait to take an instrumental role in changing the face of the arts in Bradford.”

Jenny is a recent Psychology Bsc graduate with an enthusiasm for empowering the working-class. Jenny has taken part in amateur dramatics from childhood and transitioned to more professional theatre pieces in recent years and has demonstrated a passion for acting, producing and the background mechanics of what it takes to run a company. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Jenny has the drive and know-how for keeping the Bloomin’ Buds cogs turning.

Carolyn Mahon

“Working for Bloomin’ Buds has given me a new found confidence and I want to support others to do the same.”

Carolyn has volunteered with Bloomin’ Buds since we formed in October 2014 among other part time jobs. Recently Carolyn found confidence to begin working in the arts in June 2019 and has become passionate about sharing working class narratives and working within working class communities.

Gary Mahon

Garry Mahon helps out around the centre doing a lot of the behind the scenes organising and fixing. Gary has also recently starred in a play about the his own family history called Nero’s Ices. Check out our socials for more information about their tour around West Yorkshire over the summer.

Leah Hand

Morgan Scriven

Associate Artist and facilitator

Ellie Cansdale

Associate Artist and facilitator

Ellie Cansdale is a freelance creative based in West Yorkshire. She first started working with Bloomin’ Buds in 2021 completing a year in industry with the company as part of her BA Hons in Theatre and Performance. Since then, Ellie has continued to work with Bloomin’ Buds, facilitating a weekly Singing for Health session, as well as recently being the technical director for their play Where is Love. Ellie has a passion for all things community theatre, from writing to teching to performing, and Bloomin’ Buds has given her a space to grow this love.

Grace Wilkinson

Associate Artist and facilitator

Grace Wilkinson is a freelance artist and Artistic Director and founder of North Bound Arts. Grace has worked with Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company since 2020, completing an industry module which turned into an industry placement with the company. Grace is a passionate artist pushing the boundaries of theatre in her directing style, with recent Director credit for Where is Love.